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Saghar Siddiqui
Poetry - Saghar Siddiqui
Saghar Siddiqui (real name Muhammad Akhtar) was born in 1928 n Ambala. He was the only child of his parents and he spent the early years of his life in Ambala and Saharanpur (UP, India). He used to live with his teacher Habib Hassan in Amritsar. At age 16, he would regularly attend mushairas. He was also active in an Urdu majlis (society) formed for the advancement of Urdu literature by Dr. M. D. Tasir and Maulana Tajwar Najibabadi and attended its mushairas. He attended the Urs of Pir Sabir of Kalyar Sharif in 1945 and participated in the mushaira there. At the time of partition he was only 19 years old. In those days with his slim appearance, wearing pants and boski (yellow silky cloth) shirts, with curly hair, and reciting beautiful ghazals in a melodious voice, he became a huge success. He probably had some tragic turns in his life. Sometimes he would have to sell his ghazals to other poets for a few rupees. He passed away in Lahore on 19 July 1974 at age 46.